snooooooze Sleep System

  • snooooooze sleep system with head pillow
  • snoooooze leg supports
  • snoooooooze sleep system body support

The snooooooze sleep positioning system was developed with patient needs at the centre of the design. 

Designed with comfort and purpose in mind

Developed in consultation with Occupational Therapists and multidisciplinary teams across the UK, the snooooooze sleep system offers flexible (and bespoke) positioning solutions to support individuals in supine (on their back) side and semi prone lying positions, ensuring that they stay in the correct position overnight whilst stil maintaining a high level of comfort. 

Flexible, durable and safe

Options of filling choice and the ability to adjust the concentration gives the system truly flexible characteristics, needed very much for clients with low body mass.  Covered in Dartex and washable at 95 degrees infection control is addressed.  Simply fit the mattress cover, align the client in the optimum position then support only where necessary so minimising the cushioning the client is in contact with, we therefore reduce the chances of overheating.

Made to measure 

We understand that no 'off-the-shelf' system can provide solutions to all sleep positioning needs.  Snooooooze can answer most, and by having easy access to our manufacturing base, we are able to offer customised elements delivering unrivalled solutions for the most demanding of postures.


Snooooooze is available for adults and children, and can be bought from Peacocks directly or via one of our distributors, depending on location: Please contact us to find your nearest distributor. 



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