Research and Development

Our clinical and management team contribute regularly to professional journals.  We have a long and proud history of involvement in advancing the science and practice of orthotics, frequently in collaboration with research and academic institutions.

We are involved in a number of UK and European R&D projects:


A-FOOTPRINT was a project designed to develop new and innovative ankle and foot orthoses for common disabling conditions that were cost effective, high-speed to market and custom made for form and function.

The A-FOOTPRINT consortia coordinated research, analysis and pilot testing in 5 universities, 1 industrial organisation, and 6 SME’s across Europe.

A-FOOTPRINT was a joint research and innovation initiative, which was completed in September 2013 and was granted a flagship status by the European Commission



Mini-factories for customised products using local flexible production

Research areas include accommodative insoles, biomechanical orthotics, orthopaedic shoes, fused deposition modelling and selective laser sintering

The project aims to create comfortable, performing, safe and healthy products for different applications and different consumers

Sports and fashion shoes will be produced at a district level, whereas insoles and standard heels will be produced locally

Peacocks Medical Group will prototype orthopaedic shoes and flip-flops as well as piloting a production line for insole manufacture


Flexible mini-factory for local and customized production in a container

The CassaMobile consortium consists of eleven organisations from six different European countries; Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The concept aims to provide local, flexible and environmentally friendly production of highly customised parts based on a modular and ‘plug & produce’ architecture within a mobile 20” ISO-container.

The suggested local factory can provide adaptable products close to the required location and at the right time. This will reduce cost of for global transportation and mass production (overproduction, stock holding, failed products, etc.).

 CassaMobile will demonstrate a generic Mini-Factory prototype capable of fulfilling three use cases, Orthotics, Bone-drill guides and individual grippers.

 Peacocks is concentrating on local production of orthotic devices using digital bio-data acquisition, additive manufacturing and milling processes. 


Targeted and tailored interventions for Knee Osteoarthritis.

Research areas include anatomy, musculoskeletal modelling, prevention and early identification of patients, epidemiology, biomechanical mechanisms, and intervention studies.

KNEEMO is aimed at creating the next generation of trained professionals with a holistic overview of Knee Osteoarthritis through research, intersectoral exchange visits and secondments.

Peacocks Medical Group will design a highly personalised knee brace using additive manufacturing techniques.



The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) is run by Innovate UK and aims to bring together the research and experience of an academic institute with the commercial knowledge of industry via a full-time graduate working as a KTP Associate

The KTP allows the industrial partner to develop a new area of expertise with the support and guidance in the subject with the academic institute and project management support from Innovate UK.

Peacocks Medical Group is engaged with a KTP partnering Newcastle University. The project is introducing electronic engineering capabilities to the company, which is leading to a new range of smart orthotic devices