Many children feel anxious coming to a hospital appointment. We understand that it can feel a little scary and strange!

Hopefully, the questions and answers below will help you feel less nervous but if we don’t answer your particular question here you can always send a question to who will respond to you privately within 24 hours!

We’re here to help you 

So… what do you want to know?                                          

Q. Will my treatment hurt? 

A.  Nothing we do in clinic should cause any pain. We will always double check with you if you have any painful places on your body to avoid.

You may feel a slight stretch when wearing your orthosis but this should never be too sore.

Q. Will my cast stay on?

A. If you need a cast, the ones we do are only used to make a copy of your body so they will come off as soon as they are dry which takes about 5 to 10 minutes and you won't leave with it on.

Q. Can I play sports with my orthosis on?

A. You might find that what we provide actually helps with any pain you're having. It may let you run faster or feel steadier on your feet. It could help with catching a ball or standing up taller

Q. Do I have to wear it all the time?


A. This depends on what you've come to see us for but often people find their orthoses help them and they want to wear them a lot.

Q. What if I have a problem after my appointment?

A. We definitely want to hear from you if you're having any issues. We want to make sure you are happy and comfortable so we can provide the best care for you.

We are always happy to review you and double check things so please get in touch by emailing us using or calling us on 0191 2769699 and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Q. What if I have additional questions?

A. If you have another appointment booked write these down and bring them to your next appointment where we will be happy to answer them! If you don't have another appointment check out our website for some more helpful information or if you still have questions call us up for a telephone review.

Q. Can I wear it to school?

A. Yes! It's definitely okay to wear your device to school if your device has been provided for use all day. It will give you extra support and stability and could make going to school easier.

Q.     When will I get my orthosis?


A.      It might take a few weeks to get your device after your first appointment. If you are getting a custom brace your device will be made in our special factory specifically to fit you!                                                                                              

Q. Do I get to choose what it looks like?


 A. For a custom device definitely! We have loads of options for you to pick from; red, blue, rainbow, camouflage, you name it! We will show you all your options at your appointment! Got an idea? We'll see what we can do!


Q.     Will I need it forever? 

A.     Not everyone will need their orthosis forever, but this depends on what you need. You might find your orthosis is only needed to help you recover if you've hurt yourself or maybe you find it helps lots and want to keep using it forever.

Q. When do I need to come back?

A.    We will usually give you a few appointments at the start. The first one will assess what we can do to help and chat to you about all that we do.  The next one will be to fit your orthosis and the final one will be to review and check how you've been getting on once you take your orthosis home. You might be growing lots so we will want to check up on you maybe once or twice a year. However, if you ever feel you need to see us again, we look forward to seeing you back.

Q.  What happens when I grow?

A.   Usually an orthosis will allow some growth but if you feel it's starting to pinch or rub
       then give us a call to get things checked over! You may need something new ordered to
       continue to support you and keep up with you growing and that's okay!

Q.   Will it fix everything?

A.   We try to help reduce any pain or discomfort you are getting and hopefully try and stop
        it from getting worse.

 Q.   Will there be any needles in the appointment?

A.    Nope! No needles in sight! We may have to take a cast of part of you, but this does not
        involve any needles! Really it's fun and a bit messy and does not hurt.

Q.    Will it make it better?

 A.    Hopefully with the use of your orthosis we will be able to make you less sore, more
        comfortable and have better stability!