Our Orthotists

Peacocks are at the forefront of orthotic service having achieved national and international recognition for our expertise in specialties as diverse as orthopaedics, rheumatology, neurology, paediatrics, diabetes and spinal orthotics.  

We have more than 40 Orthotists who attend hospitals and community healthcare locations across the UK and see private clients within hospitals and clinical suites in Newcastle, Southampton and London. We carry out expert witness and other medico-legal practice. 

The Orthotists are all HPC registered and are trained to the highest professional standards.  

Our Orthotists work in professional hubs to provide effective clinical teams and are able to call on our national speciality experts to assist or advise in complex clinical areas. 

We are committed to multi-disciplinary-team, working closely with other healthcare professionals in the development of the care pathway for our clients. 

In addition to Orthotists we also provide "LOPs" who act as orthotic assistants and practice in their own right in the provision of breast prostheses, soft orthoses and some other specialist items.