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Peacocks' new clinical waste solution, Curo, is launching at the HFMA Summer Conference this week. 

Developed by the NHS, for the NHS, Curo is the only end-to-end sustainable, innovative solution to clinical waste that can save the NHS £millions and reduce carbon emissions by 100%.

Peacocks, in partnership with Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and CISA, has designed and created an innovative on-site solution that can process medical waste directly inside the hospital estate, creating opportunities to produce energy and ultimately keeping waste out of landfill.

Curo provides health organisations with full control over the process, reduces liability, and cuts the carbon impact by up to 100%.​

Through our sponsorship of this year's HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association) Summer Conference from 13-15 July 2022, attendees will learn about how Curo is tackling the clinical waste challenge.

Clinical waste has become a hospital’s highest financial and environmental cost, costing the NHS over £373million and producing 108,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. The storage, treatment and disposal of the waste is now a global concern for the healthcare sector. Currently the NHS outsources its clinical waste to external providers and waste is sent from NHS Trusts and Health Boards weekly via high polluting diesel lorries, therefore creating a damaging environmental impact.

In addition to helping the NHS reach its Net Zero target in 2040, Curo provides an opportunity for the NHS to save over £200 million each year, and this could be reinvested into the NHS equating to 7,900 new nurses.

Cut carbon. Cut costs. Cut risk. The waste revolution starts here.

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