Peacocks Medical Group Heading to BAPO Conference April 2022


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  • Paul Charlton

Supporting the BAPO 2022 Conference

Senior orthotist at Peacocks Medical Group, Paul Charlton, has played a key role in helping to secure leading national and international speakers for this year’s annual conference of The British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists. (BAPO)

BAPO 2022, to be held at The Coventry Building Society Arena on 29th-30th April, will attract Prosthetists and Orthotists from across the UK to the much eagerly awaited event, which was last held pre-pandemic in 2019.

As an organisation, Peacocks Medical Group has always been keen to support the profession which has resulted in members of its team leading discussions and sharing best practice.

Paul is one such example and has been co-opted onto the BAPO conference committee for his experience in attracting high quality speakers on orthotic subjects. Paul’s standing and reputation within the sector is extremely high. He sits on the executive committee of the British Association of Prosthetists and Orthotists (BAPO) and is a past Chair of the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics UK.

At BAPO 2022, Professor Nerrolyn Ramstrand from Jonkoping University, Sweden, will be the Orthotic Education Training Trust-sponsored speaker on the topic of the impact of orthoses on brain activity and cognition.

Professor Ramstrand has delivered international symposia with Paul in South Africa, USA and Japan at previous world congress.

In addition to her keynote talk, Professor Ramstrand will be involved in sharing a comparison of orthotic treatment of stroke in UK and Japan, where treatment is quite different. Mr Souji Tanaka, a Japanese Physiotherapist, specialising in early stroke rehabilitation in Japan, will be joining the conference virtually.

Miriam Golding Day, a clinical academic, who spoke at Peacocks Forth Conference will be presenting with Professor Ramstrand on data reported by orthotists on involvement in stroke rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation of children with spasticity treat by selective dorsal rhizotomy, is addressed by Paul’s colleague at Great Ormond Street; physiotherapist, Stephaney Cawker and her orthotic colleague Bracken Pluckrose.

Lisa Brown, Clinical Assistant Professor, Boston University, USA, and Professor Therese Johnston of

Pennsylvania, are presenting virtually their published clinical practice guidelines on use of functional electrical stimulation and ankle foot orthoses following stroke.

Conference presentations conclude with Paul and Mr Simon Dickinson, fellow orthotist, comparing thoughts on the use of ankle foot orthoses in early and chronic stroke.

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