Peacocks install state-of-the-art Mediland MediLED Surgical Lights at world leading centre for the training of healthcare professionals


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The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow and the University of Glasgow have joined forces to open a state of the art Clinical Anatomy Skills Centre.
After an extensive assessment Peacocks working together with our partners Mediland where selected to provide the surgical lighting solution for their new training facility.
A total of ten surgical light systems with camera systems have been installed to provide real world surgical lighting to students as they learn. This allows students to  be trained in a facility as close to a real life theatre situation as possible ensuring they are fully proficient in the use of up to date and state of the art surgical lights and audio visual systems. 
Key feature of the Mediland MediLED Surgical Light – 
Perfection of the Light Field
MediLED produces an abundant, clear and even light field. The light pattern can be easily adjusted using a motorized control to every kind of surgical procedure and operating room environment. MediLED is able to maintain a consistent light intensity at distances of 70 cm to 150 cm. MediLED creates a uniform light cylinder that can reach and illuminate various depths in any wound area. This deep cavity light illumination and light homogeneity features are MediLED’s superior advantages to compete at the world-class level.
The Brilliant Spot with True Colours
MediLED provides up to 160,000 lux of natural white light which can spot-light and render a most vivid and brilliant surgical area for the surgeon. MediLED maintains colour temperatures of 4,300K under any light intensity mode, simulating natural light and portraying colours in their most true and natural form. MediLED’s performance of Colour Rendering Index (CRI) is 95, which allows the surgeon to easily perceive the subtle, unadulterated detail and contrast between adjoining tissues.
R9 Index - Portraying Red
MediLED’s R9 Index (red colour index) is reached to 95, indicating MediLED’s superb ability to render an accurate colour of red, which is invaluable when distinguishing subtle shades of red colour in a wound area that is diffused with red tissue and tinted in blood.
Wound Care
MediLED heat dissipation is exceptionally low (3.3 radiant power/intensity, mW/m² lux), an important factor in preventing desiccation of exposed tissue, which is consequently very beneficial for post-surgery wound recovery.
Better Shadow Control
MediLED employs the special lens design method. With precise lens distribution on the light head, the shadow free performance is largely improved than traditional lights whenever there are surgeons, devices and instruments working beneath the MediLED.
High Performance Light Source, Low Energy Consumption
MediLED LEDs can deliver high efficiency, high performance lighting at over 100 lumen per watt, which comes to the energy savings of 33% compared to traditional surgical lighting system. Furthermore, LEDs are extremely durable, enduring over 50,000 hours of usage.
Heat Management
The light head is supported by a sleek aluminium alloy structure which promotes efficient heat dispersion. A heat dispersion board was also designed into the light head, for better heat management.
Reducing Costs
Cost savings are achieved from lower energy bills and less bulb replacements.


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